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Monaghan, like Cavan and Donegal, is part of Ulster, but is one of the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. It is the birthplace of the poet Patrick Kavanagh, one of the most revered and important Irish poets of all time. Along with Armagh and Louth, Monaghan was part of the Gaelic Kingdom of Oriel, with its origins in the early 4th century.

Up until the 19th century it was one of the most densely populated areas in Ireland, but suffered greatly during the Great Famine of the 1840s. It is a county of great cultural and historical importance and is home to many important sites from the Bronze Age and pre-historic times. Monaghan is known for its great scenery, dotted with many mountains and lakes, it offers some of the best hiking, angling and golf in the country.

Monaghan Town is one of the main urban settlements of the northern midlands. A town of Celtic origin (there still stands a crannog off Glen road to lay testament to this), its more recent history dates back to 1613, when it was part of the Plantation by James I. It has since developed into a prosperous industrial town, lead mainly by its linen production. Just off Market Square in the town, is the County Museum, which recounts the history of the county's lace and linen industries. The museum also contains many artefacts from throughout the county's rich history. The Cross of Clogher, and ornate 15th century bronze cross, has pride of place in the museum's collection.

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